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Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, one that is good for your not only your heart and lungs, but also for your joints, muscles, bones, and mental health. Running has excellent benefits, but it can be hard to begin training when you’re a beginner. That is why the run/walk method is helpful ! Read on for 5 different reasons the run/walk method is the way to go.

5 Reasons to Try the Run/Walk Method

1. Reduced Likelihood of Injury

Running is extremely beneficial, but it also increases your risk of injury. This can lead to sprains, strains, and tears that may keep you off your feet for months, if not weeks. Overuse injuries are common among runners, but all of this can be prevented with the run/walk method, which puts significantly less stress on your muscles and joints. Running and walking utilize different muscles, roviding a well deserved break for overtired muscles.

2. Improved Race Pace

Runners who take walk breaks are able to maintain consistent race paces, which may help them to keep up a certain amount of energy throughout the entire race. These runners are better able to finish the race strong, and can even pass individuals who were running the entire race ! Short breaks during intensive running distances allows the muscles to recoup. However, since the runner never stops moving, blood flow to the extremeties remains constant, and the lactic acid build-up is easily removed from the limbs. These decreases the rate of fatigue onset, as well as muscle soreness the next day.

3. Mental Benefits

The thought of running 26 miles is daunting, at the very least. It can seem overwhelming, and put in place an unnecessary mental block. The knowledge that you can walk after a certain distance of running can decrease performance anxiety. The runner is able to break the marathon up into chunks, mentally, which gives her smaller challenges to overcome. This may even make the time go by faster.

4. Easier Next-Day Recovery

As I mentioned previously, the run/walk method can decrease the amount of muscle soreness you may experience the day after a long run. Improved blood flow moves lactic acid away from the legs, and walking breaks allow the body to recover and reoxygenate after a run. The fact that walking uses different muscle groups than running gives the body a chance to energize these muscle groups during a walk break. Because you are less sore, you will need less recovery time in between training sessions, which may increase the rate at which you go through a training program

5. Better Endurance

Walk Method

As you improve in your running ability and as you utilize the run/walk method more and more, you will be able to endure longer running stretches which will take you further than you expected. Some runners find that after a certain distance, they are physically unable to go any further. With the run/walk method, they can walk after they hit this wall, going farther than they believed they were able to, due to the restful benefits of walking.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or you are just starting out, the run/walk method may be just the thing for you. COnsider implementing it in your running program, especially if you feel that you have reached a plateau in your training.

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