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Running is a fantastic form of exercise. It increases your heart rate, works many different muscle groups, and releases plenty of endorphins. But running can be dangerous without the proper precautions. Make sure that you are running smart and safe with the following tips.

How to Run Safely Outside


The best way to be safe while running is as simple as using your common sense. This is the best and most under-utilized tool that we have. Make sure of these following things:

● Have you had proper hydration? Are you bringing water with you?
● Does someone know where you are going?
● Are you familiar with the route that you are taking?
● Are your shoes tied? Are they supportive?
● For women, is your sports bra supportive enough?
● Are you dressed well for the weather?
● Are you wearing sunscreen and chapstick?

Once you start running, make sure to be either running against traffic (so that you can see cars coming toward you) or that you are off the road. Watch for bumps and cracks in the pavement that could be hazardous, as well as branches and rocks in your path.


You will want to have a closet of bright colored clothing to wear on your runs. You may want to purchase running shoes with reflective strips. If you are a night runner, look into buying a reflective vest. You can never be too visible to the drivers on the road. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Have a Running Buddy at Night

Not only will your runs be more fun with a buddy, but you will be safer running with someone by your side. You may want to look into a running group. Many different running stores host running groups that meet once a week. Research the ones in your area. Running with like-minded individuals can help you push outside of your comfort zone, and achieve new levels that you were not sure you could attain before.

Carry the Essentials

Always have identification and cash, or an ATM card with you, as well as a key to get back into your home. If possible, carry your cell phone as well, as it will have all of your emergency contacts stored in it. Some runners find a running/walking belt to be useful to store all of their things on long runs.

How to Run Safely Outside

You will want to have your identification and possibly your medical insurance card with you in case of injury during your run, and you will want to have money in case of emergency situations, like getting lost or injured during a run and needing transportation back to your home. Some runners find an Identification bracelet or necklace to be more handy for their runs. These can include essential medical information, such as major allergies, or heart conditions, and can be very beneficial in an emergency situation.

Above all else, stay alert and listen to your gut whilst running. If you feel uncomfortable, call someone, or get to a more public area as soon as possible. You cannot be overly cautious in these situations, and safety always comes first.

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