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Should You Run for a Marathon Charity?

Since the main London Marathon in 1981, runners in the race have raised more than £830 million for charity, making Running the biggest yearly one-day fundraising occasion on the planet. Running the London Marathon and fundraising for charity has never been more well-known – members keep on fund-raising for makes close their hearts.

Your running can spare a charity cash

Charities with ensured puts on races, for the most part, need to buy their places from the race occasion that you are entering. In any case, if you are sufficiently fortunate to have anchored your very own place through the race’s vote or another entry system, selecting to utilize your entry to keep running for a charity implies that the charity won’t bring about any expenses of that place. What you raise will be to a great extent beneficial, with just a specific number of things, for instance, the general administrative costs, being secured by the charity.

Charity Running Furnishes You with A Reason

Running only for the wellbeing of running may not be sufficient purpose behind a few people to go up against a race occasion, for example, a marathon. You may take a gander at the test and believe: ‘What’s the reason for really doing it other than simply getting to the end goal?’. In any case, raising profitable assets can be your exceptionally explanation behind running, in spite of the fact that you’ll certainly get some smugness from finishing the race itself, as well, particularly if it’s a testing race removes.

Motivation for running

At the point when the dim evenings have set in and the possibility of training in the harsh elements and wet doesn’t exactly appear to be engaging, you may be enticed to give training a miss or considerably consider hauling out of your race. In any case, if a charity is depending on you, you won’t have any desire to disappoint them, so there will be a component of the impulse to make you proceed with your training, and which may even give you that additional motivation to finish the separation of the huge day.

Personal charity running objective

There might be a personal purpose behind, youneed to keep running for a charity, for instance on the off chance that you, a relative, or companion has been influenced by a specific infection or ailment. Running for a charity may enable you to … Read the rest

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5 Running Tips That You Need To Know


Running is a very important exercise that has assisted many people across the world to maintain good health. For you to run well you have to eat right so that you can be able to meet you’re running dreams.  What you need to know is that running is not something easy but it is something that needs you to plan and be committed. The reason why runners need to eat right is to enable them get the required energy that can enable them run well and fast. The food that runners should eat must contain proteins because this gives them the energy that is needed so that they can run for long. These running tips are:

  • Run every day

Running everyday is very important and it has assisted many people to maintain the fitness of their bodies and to stay strong. Running everyday is not something easy but it needs commitment and dedication. Consistency in running is very important because it makes your running program successful and effective. What do you think is the importance of your daily running program? It makes it easy for your body to burn fats and any biomechanics in the body. It also makes your body ready for any challenge, whether mental or physical.

  • Give yourself a reason to run

You must have reasons why you are running so that it can be easy for you to meet your targets. The way you run matters a lot and the reason why you are running enables you to meet your objectives. When you are running or walking long distances you must know that you are doing so with a certain aim and not just for the sake.

  • Invest in comfort

 To make you’re running easy and effective, you have to invest in some crucial items and equipments. Do you know what these items and equipments are? They are simply the shoes that you use in running, the reflexive vests, the sports bra and many others.  Ensure that you buy the ones that will enable you to run comfortably and without any problem.

  • Train smart

Training smart is another way in which you make your running has a meaning to you. Do not force yourself to train because it will not have any meaning to you and that is shy it is recommended that you train when you are in good moods and when you are motivated … Read the rest

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Choosing and Using Resistance Bands


What are resistance bands? These are latex, rubber or strips that have varying thicknesses and lengths and that have handles that are used for strength training. In sports, athletes usually strengthen their bodies by applying a force that is resistive to muscles and through this way they can do as many exercises as possible. To achieve this resistive force one has to use machines or free weights. Resistance bands are very important in marathon training because they enhance easy storage and also lead to high portability. Most of the resistance bands used today are those that are made of rubber compounds that is stretchy so that they can function effectively and efficiently. They are also not the same in terms of the resistance that they provide and in terms of design and in this way every athlete is able to get a resistance band that he or she needs. Below are tips to guide you in choosing the best resistance band.

The type of exercises that that you will use the band for

You cannot just go and buy an exercise band without even considering where you are going to use it because resistance bands are used for various uses. Are you going to use your band for strength training or as a just a supplement?  If you intend to use resistance bands in an exclusive way then you have to buy more than one. There are bands for regular exercise and those for physical therapy exercise. Most people prefer the physical therapy resistance bands because they perform a more specialized role and are also less intense as compared to any other brand. Whether one is running/walking the resistance bands play a very vital and role.

Choosing between the strip and the tube design

In case you want to buy a device that is most basic then consider buying the striped design. Why do I say so? It is simply because these bands are wide and have been cut in various lengths in order to suit the interests of the buyers or users. They are the most inexpensive as compared to others but they are effective to use. They do not have handles. On the other hand the tube designs are preferred because they are more durable and have handles. The tube bands can be of the soft foam or the hard plastic but the choice that you make mainly … Read the rest

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