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Committing to running a marathon is an exciting step in accomplishing a big goal, whether it is the first time you are running a marathon or not. I became a runner a few years ago after running a three-mile race in New York City with a group of women from my new job. I originally agreed to running as a way to motivate myself to tone up after the holiday season, but also as a way to become friendlier with the women that I would be spending most of my day with at work. I agree to run the race four months before the actual date of the event, so I had plenty of time to train. Once I started running I realized how much I loved that feeling of runners high. One of the ladies who had become my friend was doing a program to qualify for the New York City Marathon. It required the participant to run nine races of varying lengths throughout the year, as well as choose one event to volunteer at. After seeing her accomplish this goal, and agreed to join her the following year to qualify for the next marathon. Once I began running on a regular basis, I realized there is so much that you need to think of and there are so many tools and tips that can help you train to be your best on race day. Here are a few of the most important routines and some great gear that has helped me keep in shape on my way to training for my first ever marathon.

Get Involved with a Program

There are plenty of training programs out there, from free apps on your phone to more advanced programs that you can purchase through a variety of training establishments. Chances are, whatever marathon you are training for has one that they offer on their website as a part of their race brand. Most programs will allow you to customize them to some extent after you enter the date of your marathon. The program will usually ask you how many workouts you want per week, and develop a program that begins at least twenty weeks prior to the marathon. This was very important for me to keep on track and know when I should be doing longer runs versus shorter faster runs.

Make Sure You Are Receiving the Right Nutrition

Like any other sport or activity that keeps you moving, you are burning a higher number of calories than you might during a normal less active day. Due to this fact, it is important to make sure you are eating enough or consuming the right number of calories for your size. Not only is it important to make sure you are eating enough, but you should be getting the right nutrients from your food. The best way to make sure you get a healthy bout of vitamins and amino acids is to drink a smoothie once a day. I recommend buying frozen fruits and vegetables in bulk at Sam’s Club so that you have the ingredients on hand and can easily prepare something fast. Adding in a protein powder or other supplements can also help.

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